Welcome to the Painted Bird

We are crafty moms who have a passion for crafting and want to share our creativity with kids of all ages. We run after school craft programs in schools in Fairfield, CT.

We had an extremely busy Fall with after school programs in four different schools in the area. We started our Winter sessions and are already thinking ahead to Spring.

We are booking Spring workshops now. Please contact us if your school is interested in having The Painted Bird run an after school program and/or a special workshop.





We always love incorporating at least one bird themed project per session. The owl canvas above was a favorite for Fall, 2012. The kids loved designing their owls with different fabrics, buttons and paints.

The wooden birdhouse door hanger craft is our featured bird craft for our Winter session. The birdhouses are painted white and the roofs are covered with white glitter. The jingle bell lets you know when someone is coming in the door. This craft is so whimsical and such a delight!


Birdie on a Log

This little bird sits in a nest and is keeping warm. Winter is still in the air and the white glitter and white washed log represents a dusting of snow. The kids loved making these!


Spring Owl

These owls are adorable. They hang from a real branch and are all decorated for spring. The kids choose colored felt pieces to design their owls, stuff them and then add the fun details. All of our owl crafts are a big hit with the kids.

  Parrot Puppet

The kids love making this zany puppet inspired by a craft we saw on Pinterest. They also love playing with them even more!


Birdie Ornament

Our birdie ornament is a craft we will be working on with the 3rd-5th grade groups. The kids will choose coordinating colored felt, buttons and beads to create this special birdie. They will make a few to take home. They like to hang out around the house looking styling...

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